Future Directions & Opportunities


Software and Management for Independent Pharmacist Outlets & GP Clinics

Investment of Software & Management to integrate all the independent pharmacist outlets and GP clinics

This serves as a Chain Organization and central purchasing 

Self-Collection or delivery of the medicines or items purchased Township Project in Kuching

A private company offers 120 acres empty land to build a township at 4 1/2 Mile, Kuching.

Huge potential profit and market for properties in Kuching.

Sourcing for partners and investors

Specialist Hospital & Satellite Private Polyclinics

Build a Specialist Hospital in Kuching & Satellite Private Polyclinics in all District in Sarawak

Huge market is available to cater medical tourism and local patients.

Medical personel are readily available.

New Hospital Engineering Management Concession Contract

Current concession contract for 24 Hospitals in Sarawak will be expired in 2025.
This concession contract shall be wholly owned by Sarawakian.

With experience in Healthcare Management Field of more than 10 years, ADL is ready to venture